Best’s practice of lens-based work approaches the intersection of desire and gender with curiosity, carefully interweaving ideas of gender fluidity, deviance from widely accepted codes of behavior, the power over one’s sexual desires, and connections to social assumptions of nature. The bodies in his work flow back and forth between uncanny interior and exterior spaces to create psychological narratives amid penetrative interventions into the printed image. The oblique, erotically charged images play with the logic of cultural definitions of gender by reversing, interrupting, and rearranging masculine and feminine characteristics of appearance. Best looks at the anti-hero and the prostitute, jarringly exchanging their gender characteristics while disabling the voyeur’s gaze with marks made on the photographic print itself to question established social norms that dictate behavioral limits. While he treads closely to these limits, he avoids the spectacle of pornography and offers complex investigations of the relationship between one’s appearance and the power to satisfy their desires.

Best’s credits include a listing as the top ten Art events of the year in Memphis in 2007. He received a Pollock-Krasner grant during his stay at the Santa Fe Art Institute’s Emergency Artists Residency. From 2008-2010 he was a member of the Dallas based artist collective 500x. In 2009 he received a Puffin Foundation Grant for his project Micro Expressions, and that same year Best was awarded a residency at Louisiana Artworks in New Orleans. In 2014 he graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and became a finalist in the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas CADD FUNd grant. Most recently Best was selected for the Artpace International Artist in Residence Short List for 2015. Then he became a member of Artbeef collective at Beefhaus in Dallas, Texas.

2014 Southern Methodist University, Master of Fine Arts
1995 University of Illinois at Chicago, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Selected Awards
2015 Artpace International Artist in Residence Open Call Short List, San Antonio, Texas
2014 Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas FUNd event finalist selected by Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas CADD FUNd grant finalist, juried by Gabriel Ritter, the Nancy & Tim Hanley Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Dallas Museum of Art; Judy Deaton, Chief Curator at The Grace Museum; and William Rudolph, Ph.D., The Marie & Hugh Halff Curator of American Art and Mellon Chief Curator at the San Antonio Museum of Art
2012-2014 SMU Meadows School of the Arts Graduate Fellowship
2009 Louisiana Artworks National Artist Residency, New Orleans, Louisiana
2009 Puffin Foundation Grant
2008-2010 Gallery 500x Membership, Dallas, Texas
2007 Pollock-Krasner Grant: Santa Fe Art Institute Artist Residency
2007 Top Ten Cultural Events, Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee.
2007 Rhodes College visiting artist program, Memphis, Tennessee
1995 Tuition award, University of Illinois at Chicago spring semester and fall semester
1993-1995 University of Illinois at Chicago Honors College

Selected Solo Shows
2014 “CRUSH” Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2007 “Manufacturing Expectations, Site Specific Installation”, The Medicine Factory, Memphis, Tennessee.

Selected Group Shows
2016 “Slideluck Potshow Dallas”, Annette Strauss Square, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Dallas, Texas. Curated by Andrea Karnes from the Modern Art Museum Fort Worth, Texas
2015 “And they Papered the Wall”, Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas TX
2015 “Patent Pending”, Exhibition made entirely of 1960’s era patent books. My contribution was “hairty book crack”. 5&J Gallery, Lubbock, TX
2015 “Arts Libris | Barcelona” International Fair of Contemporary Editions, Work on display via zine. Made possible through the efforts of printmaker, artist Teresa Gomez-Martorell. Barcelona, Spain
2015 “The Room We Discovered An-Other In The Corner”, Curated by Alison Starr, Beefhaus,
Dallas, TX
2014 “Dense Fog Advisory”, SMU MFA offsite exhibition at Beefhaus, Dallas, TX
2014 MFA Final Exhibition, Southern Methodist University, Pollock Gallery, Dallas, TX
2014 “Prompt” Group show at Beefhaus Gallery, Dallas, TX
2013 “Moving Pictures” Curated by Christine Bisetto, Brand 10 Gallery, Fort Worth, TX
2013 “Side Affect” with Waddy Armstrong, Mayra Barraza, Du Chau, Letitia Huckaby, Vince Jones, Mona Kasra, Kathy Lovas, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Laray Polk and Curated by Liliana Bloch, Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas, TX
2012 “Showmen” with Tom Orr, Cameron Shoepp and Titus O’Brien, Brand 10 Art Space, Fort Worth, TX
2011 “On Stage” Works by Tim Best and Tom Leininger, two different ways of looking at performance and photography, 500x Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2011 “5 Photographers” Annual Photography Show Ro2 Art, Dallas, TX
2011 “From Faithful to Forlorn” Curator Andy Levin, New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2010 “Like a Prayer” Curator Martina Batan, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana
2010 “Modern Ruin”Washington Mutual Branch Building before its destruction, Curated by Christina Rees and Thomas Feulmer, Dallas, Texas.
2010 “Sheep, Sharks, and Nightlights.”, 500x Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
2009 “Caliente” Juror Jose Torres-Tama, New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2009 “Texas National 2009” Juror Mel Chin, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas.
2009 “Guardrail Damage Ahead” 500x Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
2008 “Me Myself and I” The Big Top Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2008 “St Claude Collective – a Prospect.1 Biennial site” Universal Furniture Building, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2008 Dallas Film and Video Fest Angelika Film Center, Dallas, Texas.
2008 “Me, Myself and I” The Big Top Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2008 St. Claude Collective Exhibition A Prospect.1 Biennial Venue, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2008 500x Gallery Member’s Show “Under New Management” Annual exhibition of 500x Members Dallas, Texas.
2008 Brooklyn Arts Council International Film Festival Experimental category for “One Liners” video.
2008 “500x 30th Anniversary Show” 500x Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
2007 “Manufacturing Expectations, Site Specific Installation”, The Medicine Factory, Memphis, Tennessee.
2007 “Identity” New Orleans Photo Alliance Curated By Deborah Luster.
2007 “Day Jobs” Three Walls Chicago, Illinois Curated by Kristin Freeman, Caroline Picard, Rachel Wakeman and Sarah Wambold.
2007 “Unusual Suspects” Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, LA Curated by Dan Tague.
2007 “Megabytes 6” Juried screening Contemporary Arts Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
2007 “The ‘I’ Show” New Orleans Digital Darkroom, New Orleans, Louisiana Juried by David Halliday.
2006 “The Human Body” New Orleans Digital Darkroom, New Orleans, Louisiana juried by David Houston, Chief Curator of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.
2006 “The Virus Show” The Green Room, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2006 “Surge” The Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn, New York.
2006 “Just a Perfect Day, works by Tim Best and Jillienne Buena” The Big Top Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2006 “Likeness – Alternative Portraiture” Barrister’s, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2006 “Arty Gras” The Warehouse, Washington D.C.
2006 “Sustained Winds” Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, Louisiana.
2005 “Business Man”, Apt 3 Gallery, 43 Aspinwall Ave, Brookline, Massachusetts.
2005 “No Place Like Home” Giola Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.
2005 “All that Art” 8 New Orleans Artists showing during Jazz Fest, Fair Grinds Cafe New Orleans, Louisiana.
2005 “Hydriotaphia – New Orleans Artists Design their Funeral Urns” Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2005 “New Art For a New Year” 18 New Orleans Artists at Ashe Cultural Center, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2004 “Mermaid Lounge Closing Bash” An Evening of performance and Video, Mermaid Lounge, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2004 “Snap to Grid” Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, California.
2015 “Positions and Reflections” Adult 2 day photography workshop at the Modern Art Museum Fort Worth.
2014 “Drawing from the collection” Children 8yrs at the Modern Art Museum Fort Worth.
2011 “Drawing from the collection” Adults at the Modern Art Museum Fort Worth.

2009 “Staged Environments” visiting artist talk at University of Texas at Arlington
2008 “ArtSpeak” Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
2007 “Manufacturing Expectations” Part of the Rhodes College visiting artists program, Memphis, Tennessee

2015 Beefhaus, Dallas TX
2015 Art as social wormhole reading group, Dallas, TX
2008-2010 500x,, Dallas, TX

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Selected Collections
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana
Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico