Field Projects #14 Trust in Me

My piece “Find her in the Bathroom” from my body of work “No Dream is Ever Just a Dream” is runner-up for the exhibition “Trust in Me” at Field Projects in Chelsea NYC opening Thursday June 11th.

The piece features the same character ascending a staircase lit up through the bannister as she ascends in a suit she begins to see herself in the bathroom wearing a pink dress next to the shower with her facial features modified with those of a man. This arrangement of cliches brought together in a cross fade suggests a strange performance traverse domestic spaces into more private spaces where one can experiment and become familiar with their differences. These differences, performed byt the individual, challenge normal daily relationships between the self and society and as the space between the normal and the difference expands the more surreal the relationship. The self begins to operate in parallel with the normal, travelling through time but never meeting.

See it here: Field Projects: Trust in Me runner up

Find her in the Bathroom, 30 x 44, Archival Inkjet Print, 2013
Press Release For Field Projects