CRUSH plug in the Observer

Dallas Observer
By Jennifer Smart Thursday, Jun 5 2014

View the piece here.

Ah, crush. Such a hard-working word, constantly doing double time conjuring up dreams of young love AND bringing to mind acts of gnarly violence, its meaning helplessly relying on that little possessive, or lack thereof. The Crush in Tim Best’s latest series of work happens to be the latter kind, which means visitors to the Liliana Bloch Gallery for his upcoming solo show get to indulge in a little bit of the visually violent. According to the gallery statement the large-scale photographic collages Best has created in the series explore the “relationship between interior and exterior spaces.” The pieces give voice to the voyeur in all of us as his tangles of indeterminate dark mass obscure private acts, threatening to literally ‘crush’ the moments through visual suffocation. Word on the street is the show also includes a multi-channel video and sound installation. For more sensory stimuli swing by the opening reception of Crush at the Liliana Bloch Gallery, 2919 Commerce St., at 6 p.m. Saturday. The exhibition will be on display through July 5.