FLASH: The Garden and The Cave

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FLASH is a collection of photographs that reveal the secret relationship between model and photographer in the garden and the cave, the hotel, the cabaret and the conspiracy. The garden is a beautiful place that offers peaceful reflection, plentiful nutrition and comfortable shelter from everyday life. It shows its beauty with thick, lush vegetation that can conceal what pleasure lies within. The dark and unnerving cave is out of sight, concealed by the garden. Nobody knows what is in there, who has been there, what animal lives there. It is the embodiment of the uncanny as it simultaneously lures and repels its curious victims with the unknown. It is a gateway to the dream where the imagery of one’s past experience is juxtaposed into a transformative new surreal narrative. The hotel, the cabaret and the conspiracy are simply contemporary manifestations of the garden and the cave. These are places where the hero used to emerge triumphant, but now where the anti-hero languishes.

The FLASH Chapbook is available for purchase through PackPeelPour

Work will be on view at Institut für Alles Mögliche – Zentrale

Schererstr. 11, 13347 Berlin – Wedding

December 15,16 and 17 from 7 to 10pm


FLASH: The Garden and the Cave from Tim Best on Vimeo.

Flash: The Garden and the Cave from Tim Best on Vimeo.