Side Affects opening at Liliana Bloch Gallery

Had a great time at the opening of “Side Affects” last night at Liliana Bloch’s Gallery with Timmy and the family on Commerce Street in downtown Dallas. The show was about how the FDA was initially established to protect us from food contamination is now supporting genetically modified foods contaminated with modifications that insert DNA into foods with viruses. Additionally the FDA controls information about food that effects the rise and fall of health conditions in the United States. The free flow of information for nutrition is essential for people to be able to make good decisions for themselves and their families to avoid these conditions especially childhood obesity. The FDA is balancing nutrition and commerce by allowing large corporations to inform people about food with commercials and misleading nutrition information. Government agencies should be concerned with the health and welfare of the public rather than large corporate interests. People are left to finding the real information about packaged and processed foods on their own. They have to battle the addictive qualities of these foods even in those those labeled and marketed as “healthy” foods.

I made this piece with this premise in mind and came up with a few images that fade from one to the other within one photographic moment. It is about desire for food, the lack of real substantive communication, in the dark blurred illumination of civilization traversing the picture plane at eye level teasing both the viewer and the subject with little to no light to shed on the satisfaction of these desires responsibly. The role of the person in the image is to eat, blindly induced by the blindfold and enjoy it within the borders of civilization. A civilization that is getting more and more vast as it steam-rolls over nature. This is reflected in our fear of nature, how we consume foods but also in the actual foods themselves in a State that allows corporations to own the genetic sequencing of the foods we grow and manufacture. Just one of the qualities of a corrupt State inundated in a morass of unintended consequences including the reactions of people’s emotions to this corruption. These reactions are the side affects.

The group show “Side Affects” will be up until September 2013. More information here.