Ride Issue 2 on Etsy

Ride issue 2 is out for fall/winter continuing the ride across borders of the body and the places they can be found. Entitled polished, this issue contains distressed, rubbed out, intervened, interrupted, and scraped photographs about the twisted relationship between photographer and model. I think this relationship exists at the intersection of desire and gender. Where socially defined gender roles dictate what desires are ok, and what are not. Photographing nude women seems to be ok, inside social norms, but what about removing the most contentious part of the body by rubbing it out? This issue includes a journalistic interview…

Crush at Liliana Bloch Gallery

CRUSH indicates feelings for another that are not shared, and situations of proximity, CRUSH that amplify loneliness or longing between people. These objects embody force made visible or feeling made fact. Clearly present, I am forced to be with these images now, yet memories from a previous time in a different place. CRUSH is the answer to the conundrum “what do I do now?” on view at Liliana Bloch Gallery until July 6th, 2014. Visit the CRUSH page for image information and writings by Tim Best.